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VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal which is basically a small satellite antenna (less than or equal to 4.5m diameter) as opposed to a large antenna. The word terminal refers to the fact that the antenna is attached to a system that can transmit and receive through the antenna to and from a satellite. The following tutorials will help you understand and guide you through the basics of satellite communications and the related areas up to a working level of knowledge suitable for attending further courses or education.

The courses have been designed to be worked through in order but also to be taken ad hoc if you just need some quick information. Each course has a link to the next so that you can work through without having to keep going back to the index.

  VSAT & Satellite Communications Tutorials

Tutorials - Course 1 - Principles
The basic principles of satellite communications.

Tutorials - Course 2 - Components

A look at the component parts of satellite communications.

Tutorials - Course 3 - Satellite Communication Systems
An explanation of satellite communication systems.

Tutorials - Course 4 - Measurements & Testing
How to carry out RF signal measurements and testing.

Tutorials - Course 5 - Baseband (Digital) Measurements & Tests
How to carry out digital data tests and measurements.

Tutorials - Course 6 - VSAT Installation Tutorial
Installing a VSAT Terminal, setting up the antenna and obtaining training..

Tutorials - Course 7 - Useful Calculations
Calculations for Satellite Communications Engineers

VSAT Tutorials
From the history of the VSAT Terminal to VSAT Installation.


Ground Station Engineering
From the site survey to the completed installation.


  Further Education


Additional Satellite Communications Courses
Further training and courses related to satellite communications.


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