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Looking for Satellite Link Budget or VSAT Calculations?
Click Here for Antenna Gain, Turnaround Frequency,
Eb/No, BER, EIRP, G/T & C/No Calculations

Click Here for the Satellite Link Budget Calculators

Quick Links : Latest Satellite & VSAT News Latest Topics in the Community Main Satcoms UK Community Index Latitude & Longitude, Azimuth & Elevation Dish Antenna Pointing Tools, Link Budget Calculators & Software The following tutorials will help you understand and guide you through the basics of satellite communications These are the free online satellite link budget calculators

 Satellite Link Budget Calculation:

Satellite Link Budget Calculators:


Please Note: If you are looking for calculations such as G/T, Eb/No, Antenna Gain, EIRP or C/No then try the 'Useful Calculations' Pages in our 'Tutorials' section.

These are the free online satellite link budget calculators. Simply follow the instructions below to use these calculators. We hope that you find these useful and that you so that you can use them when ever you want.


Fill in the empty boxes within the grey sections and alter any of the existing parameters to match your system requirements. The blue sections will be calculated for you. The existing values are not representative of any particular satellite or antenna but are fairly common values.

By clicking in a parameter box the original data will be cleared so that you can easily enter new values.

When you are ready, click on 'Calculate'.

For more calculators visit the Satcom School Here.

Click here for a System Noise Temperature Calculator.

Click Here for the latest weather information for the UK.

To obtain values for satellite G/T and EIRP refer to the satellite footprint specifications. Here is a list of links to some of the available SES-ASTRA satellite footprints - use the interactive fleet map to access the beam contours and EIRP information - and SES-SIRIUS satellite footprints. See also the LyngSat website for more satellite beam contour maps. The contours will show you how much to deduct from the boresight (maximum) EIRP depending on the antenna locations. The footprint diagrams may sometimes also state the satellite G/T.


Terminal A
Uplink Frequency (GHz)
Tx Antenna diameter (m)
Tx Antenna Efficiency
Tx forward power (dBW)
Tx Bandwidth (KHz)
TX Antenna gain (dBi)
Uplink path loss (dB)
Uplink C/N (dB/Hz)
Satellite G/T
Satellite EIRP
Satellite Range
Satellite PFD
Uplink C/N
Downlink C/N
Terminal B
Downlink frequency (GHz)
Rx Antenna diameter (m)
Rx Antenna Efficiency
System RX noise Temp. (dBK)
Weather Margin (dB)
RX Antenna gain (dBi)
RX Antenna G/T (dB/K)
Downlink path loss (dB)
Downlink C/N (dB/Hz)


For more advanced users, here is a more detailed link budget calculator. To use this you will need to know many more parameters for the Transmitter, Receiver and Satellite. As above, fill in the grey sections and the blue sections will be calculated for you. Click Here for a step by step Link Budget guide..


Terminal A
Terminal B
Tx Freq GHz Transl Freq MHz Rx Freq GHz
EIRP dBm EIRP dBm C/No dB/Hz
G/T dB/K G/T dB/K G/T dB/K
Lat deg C/No Sat dB/Hz Lat deg
Long deg Long deg Long deg
Elevation deg Ant Gain dBi Elevation deg
Azimuth deg Transp Gain dB Azimuth deg
Path Loss dB Req'd EIRP dBm Path Loss dB
Losses dB % EIRP % Losses dB
Margin dB Pwr @ Sat dBW Margin dB
    Data Rate    
    Eb/No Req'd    
    Link Margin    


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