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Looking for Satellite Link Budget or VSAT Calculations?
Click Here for Antenna Gain, Turnaround Frequency,
Eb/No, BER, EIRP, G/T & C/No Calculations

Click Here for the Satellite Link Budget Calculators

Quick Links : Latest Satellite & VSAT News Latest Topics in the Community Main Satcoms UK Community Index Latitude & Longitude, Azimuth & Elevation Dish Antenna Pointing Tools, Link Budget Calculators & Software The following tutorials will help you understand and guide you through the basics of satellite communications These are the free online satellite link budget calculators


Free Satellite Broadband Speed Test

Test Your Broadband Connection

This is a free tool that you can use to test your satellite internet speed. Just click on the red flashing arrow to begin the speed test and the results will follow once the download and upload tests are completed.

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